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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Modern Painters: Brian Dettmer's Time-Lapse Altered Book

For those who don't know this amazing artist's work, it's time you do. Dettmer takes cast-off books and cuts them into fantastic tableaux, and always utilizing the text and imagery within, without moving or replacing their original locations. Selectively cutting to expose only certain inside elements, he creates incredibly complex architectural spaces. Truly one of my favorite artists.

I hope Brian will forgive my presumption in changing the soundtrack to his animation. You can see the original here, but I chose for this version to use Pierre Schaffer/Pierre Henry's 1950 tape collage entitled "Symphonie pour un Homme seul ('Symphony for One Man Alone') - Valse", as the sonic spaces allow more concentration on the visual.

Get an eyeful of his work here:


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Everyone needs one...

I just assembled mine a few days ago and can't wait to take it for a walk in the park this weekend.

Like a spider, crab and millipede morphed into an amphibious vehicle, this invention by Dutch artist Theo Jansen mesmerizes by its seemingly effortless movement.

Assembled from a snap-together kit, this gives the average person a hands-on experience of Theo Jansen's awe-inspiring wind-powered constructions. Here it is in my backyard. For once I'm glad it's concrete!

Purchase this model and see Jansen's other marvelous work here:


And check out this hack of the kit here - absolutely hilarious!


Hope you enjoyed this. 

– Keith